Sunday, July 12, 2015

A trip to the South❤️

Hi again!
So, last week (1.7), I went alone (!) to Barcelona to meet my cousins who live in Sabadell (close to Barcelona).
The flight went well, except for the fact that I had black jeans, and sat next to the window, when the sun was shining and oh boy, was I on fire!
Well, so after that my cousins came to meet me there so we could go to their house.
To be honest, I had a blast! We went to see La Sagrada Família, Montsserrat and Barcelona! When we didn't do that we went to town so I could by FOUR shirts for only 20€!
When I came back I found out that my luggage was still in Barcelona! Can you believe it? And, I had a priority bag because I was an unacompanied minor! Well, luckily my bag arrived yesterday, two days after I came back!
But anyways, I won't let that ruin this awesome journey to Spain❤
Here I will add as many pictures as I took on my phone (which is not much because I took all pictures on my tablet, because it focuses so much better), for example my cat on my luggage...

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