Friday, September 25, 2015

Nature stuff❤️

Hi loves!
Today me and one of my best friends went on a walk to look at this HUGE oak tree. I have went there before and it's like 500 meters from my house. It was a pretty day today, although, I would love for it to get slightly colder in the day as well, something like 9 degrees celsius... I just really want to get into the autumn mood!
Well anyways I hope you'll have an awesome day and I'll see y'all in my next post!
Kisses -Anna

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Struggle Is Real...


Today I FINALLY got my hands on a computer, so now I've got my hands on the blog!
If you notice (which I hope you will, otherwise something went wrong) I've changed the background to some autumn because, fun fact, autumn is my favorite season, because it's so colorful.
I also put a profile picture...and some info about me down below! Check it out if you want to!

I've been working on this for two hours now, and I'm quite happy with it. Ofcourse there are still things I'd like to change but don't know how, but anyways I'm more happy with it now than I was before!

I'ts my brothers birthday tomorrow and it's friday, which means school... I should probably eat something now and go to sleep!

Kisses, Anna